About Sarcoma Images

Dr. Osipov and Dr. Hackbarth
Dr. Osipov and Dr. Hackbarth

Special thanks to my Mayo Clinic teachers: Drs. Antonio Nascimento, Carrie Inwards and Krishnan Unni.

I am thankful to Dr. Donald Hackbarth and Dr. David King, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin for having complete trust in my diagnoses.

I am thankful to my wife, Robin for helping with organizing material of this site.
All images on this web site are original. Most of them were taken by me during my practice as an Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, USA. Some of them were taken during my Fellowship at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. The diagnoses are backed up by immunohistochemistry and in some cases by FISH and cytogenetic analysis. Most problematic cases were seen in consultation with either Mayo Clinic or Harvard Medical School.

The main reason for creation of this web site is to deliver quality histopathology images of bone and soft tissue tumors to pathologists worldwide. In some countries quality textbooks are not available or simply too expensive. This web site is designed to show variety of histopathology of tumors with classic and unusual features.

Currently the internet may serve as a great source of written information on many bone and soft tissue tumors. However till now there was no single database with high quality color histopathology images on this topic. This web site should be very useful when searching for histopathology images intended for either education or reassurance about a particular diagnosis.

The third reason is very simple: "one picture is worth a thousand words." I am confident that this collection of over 5,000 images will give you valuable information that only actual pictures can provide.

Dr. Vladimir Osipov